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Flamebender Ka'graz - Heroic

Fanrandir rFPN posted Sun at 11:43

Hunter Tanking is the future!



Well, with typical Spiritus Santci style on a progression boss and both tanks dead and only three healers, four squishy dps and a Hunter tank to complete the job. If the fight had lasted another 5 seconds or so, this could of ended differently!

Questiclé r Thanks for making this nice video Fan. ...

Gruul - Heroic

Fanrandir rFPN posted Feb 18, 15

Hahahaha, Gruul kill you so easy!

or maybe not!

We're starting to make this look easy guys :)

Also check out the raid chat as another Rogue falls foul of Killing Spee.... Such a lame ability which is also a a very important part of our rotation. 

Kargath Bladefist - Mythic

Fanrandir rFPN posted Jan 25, 15
You'll always be remembered as a smudge on our boots!

This is from Wednesdays run through Highmaul, When before our Mythic Kill, the heroic run seemed like we were in LFR!

And this is from our first dispatch of Kargath Bladefist

Mythic - Kagrath Bladefist

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