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Kargath Bladefist - Mythic

Fanrandir rFPN posted Sun at 1:18
You'll always be remembered as a smudge on our boots!

This is from Wednesdays run through Highmaul, When before our Mythic Kill, the heroic run seemed like we were in LFR!

And this is from our first dispatch of Kargath Bladefist

Mythic - Kagrath Bladefist

Twin Ogron - Mythic

Fanrandir rFPN posted Jan 15, 15

Here you all go. one epic fight for one epic guild! btw stand in the fire for extra dps!

and here's a picture from last nights kill.

Emzee social Gratz!
Nonmortuus gm Congrats guys!
Ranez trial Needs more milhouse.

Paragons courtesy of Fan!

Nonmortuus gm posted Oct 10, 14

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